Join our team rides, for the next couple of weeks, we welcome you to meet and ride with the team.

We are active in local, regional, and national road, gravel, track and Gran Fondo events. Along with our men’s and women’s Elite Teams, UBC also has fitness-oriented riders, for those who want to ride in organized events and a development team geared toward beginning and intermediate racing.

Union Bay Cycling Mission Statement

To motivate and inspire our team members to become better athletes while participating as a team in road, track, and gravel cycling events.

What do we offer?

  • Organized Saturday and Sunday training rides all through the year.
  • You get to ride with experienced racers that help you get ready for your first steps into road, track or gravel events. 
  • Learn about the intrinsic details of racing during our skills clinic.
  • Participate into 3 training camp weekends (1 before, 1 during, and 1 after the season) where train and have fun as a team.
  • Team clothing and equipment are available for purchase before the racing season starts.